Legal Services

The firm is providing all legal services to its clients in conformity with the rapid legislation mechanism in the U.A.E. through its head office in Dubai with branches in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.


Litigation before all courts of law in the U.A.E.


Banks and Financial Institution Department: Abbas Al Hawai & Associates, Advocates & Legal Consultants has established an independent department for the provision of all legal services relating to the banking and financial institutions sector. The services provided include, without limitation, the drafting of contracts, bank guarantee, and letters of guarantee, documentary credits, security undertakings and all types of deeds and promissory notes that are meant to secure and protect the client’s rights. This department is also concerned with providing legal advice and consultancy to the firm's clientele in the banking sector, locally and abroad, as and when required over many operational aspects. The department takes and follows up all administrative and legal procedures, criminal or civil, in order to protect and or recover the rights of its client base of banks, financial and financing institutions before all official authorities as well as all penal and civil courts  of all types and degrees. Our new partner, Mr. Khidir Ibrahim Khidir brings aboard with him a varied and vast track of experience in the banking field, as he has worked as legal adviser for one of the largest banking group in the UAE, the EBI Group.



The Corporate Department: The commercial law represents a main concern of the firm activities. The trade sector is usually considered the main pillar of any healthy and developed economy. Hence, the firm has devoted special attention to the commercial companies’ laws and its updates, both locally and abroad, in order to provide distinguished and valuable service to its clients.


The services provided by the firm in this field cover incorporation and registration of local corporate bodies and branches of foreign companies, drafting of articles and memoranda of associations for all types of companies. The firm also prepares board resolutions, merger and dissolution agreements, joint venture agreements, financing, mortgage, pledge and lien contracts as well as all other legal services connected with business transactions.



Deliberation and Argumentation: The United Arab Emirates has become known worldwide as a center for business and trade activities in the region. This growth in economic and trade activities requires a parallel growth in the legal counseling field. Abbas Al Hawai & Associates is one of the leading law firms in the UAE and is known to have in its service a team of dedicated, qualified and well-versed lawyers. The experience of those lawyers covers all aspects of law including the regional and international trade laws. Working in close association with those lawyers is a team of competent and smart legal assistants and administrative staff. The firm has in its service a number of advocates of whom some has more than twenty years of experience as senior judge, while others have worked as senior legal consultants for one of the largest banking group in the UAE. As the technical and administrative aspects are equally important to the provision of a balanced service, the firm has been very keen on employing a harmonized team of legal assistants, clerks and administrative staff to support and enhance our legal team services.



The Marine Department: Dictated by its geographic position as a strategic navigational point and vital bypass of world trade, the UAE has enacted a number of rules and regulations to secure smooth and uninterrupted passage of sea carriage through its sea borders and protect the rights of carriers, charterers and merchants alike. Abbas Al Hawai & Associates is privileged to have an integrated marine department manned by specialized team of legal consultants having long and distinguished experience in the field. Our marine department handles all types of marine disputes and claims as well as all other marine matters including claims arising from charter parties, carriage contracts, mortgage agreements and registration of ships. The department may also seek imposition of provisional and execution attachment to secure its client’s rights and interests.


The marine department also undertakes drafting of ship sale/purchase contracts and registration procedures with competent authorities. The group also undertakes the drafting and registering of ship mortgage agreements, security and lien contracts in accordance with international marine trade agreements and provisions. As part of its services, the department also prepares and reviews charter party agreements, master and crew engagement contracts and handles all disputes arising from sea carriage contracts, insurance policies, sea cargo losses, general and joint average claims, ship registration and applicable laws in case of conflicted jurisdiction.


Generally, the legal consultants serving in the marine department are outstandingly competent to handle and deal with all matters related to their field of specialization.



Air Cargo, Transport & Civil Aviation Disputes: The United Arab Emirates has swiftly become a renowned international center for trade and a meeting place for businessmen of all nationalities. This is mainly due to the fast development and rapid growth in the economic and business sectors. The UAE airports and respective cargo villages associated therewith have had a lion’s share of this growth. In a relatively short period those airports and cargo villages have become the preferred destination for some of the most famous airlines and cargo service companies.  


In line with this growth, Abbas Al Hawai & Associates has established and maintained an independent well-staffed air cargo and aviation department providing all types of legal services relating to this field in light of Warsaw and other relevant agreements. The aviation team is very keen on following up all legislation updates in this field. The department keeps and maintains an updated record of all UAE cassation rulings and legal precedence in this vital field of specialization, while at the same time keeping an eye on all and any updates on the aviation rules and regulations worldwide.



Arbitration Department: Arbitration is known worldwide as a course parallel to the judiciary in settling disputes and differences. Arbitration is usually preferred as a first option by businessmen due to its swift, easy and cost-effective nature. Stemming from its deep knowledge of arbitration as a much preferred and practical means of settlement, the group has set and established a separate department for arbitration. The team manning this department is very competent and well aware of arbitration references and laws, whether locally in the UAE, regionally as represented in the GCC Center for Commercial Arbitration & Conciliation or worldwide in accordance with the ICC’s arbitration rules and regulations.



Department of Intellectual Property: The scope of services provided by the group in this field includes the protection of intellectual property, copy, reproduction and publication rights. The department is manned by a team of qualified, competent and experienced legal consultants supported by a dedicated team of legal assistants and administrative staff. The services provided cover a wide range of intellectual property and other rights. Operating from its main office in Dubai and other branches in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai Internet & Media City, the group has become known for its distinguished services in this arena. Also, the firm is working in close association with its associate representative offices abroad to secure and ensure outreach representation to its clients.



 Trademark, Trade registration and protection:

Our firm specified an special department, dealing and handling the registration and protection of Trade names and trade mark, this department taking care of all the legal matters of all the matters pertains to grey products and counterfeit and the legal proceedings in respect of the same.